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June 15, 2015 / orindavision

What Can I Do?

Fellow Orindans have asked what citizens can do to help get the process of downtown renewal started:

Become a Friend of OrindaVision.

Join the OrindaVision team as a volunteer.

Tell your friends about us. Furnish Tom Trowbridge,, with names, email addresses and phone numbers of friends, neighbors and family members who could be interested in knowing more about OrindaVision.

Host a coffee and dessert event in your home and invite your friends and neighbors to see the OrindaVision presentation.   Pete Hasselman, Tom Trowbridge and other members of the OV team will be happy to share their vision for downtown Orinda.  This presentation never fails to inspire, excite and motivate!

Urge our elected officials to get on with the task of planning for a better connected, more vital downtown.  Promoting a “vibrant community” is in the City’s mission Statement.  Let our civic leadership know we expect a commitment to serious planning for a better urban environment.  Urge that they support multi-use development of the 20 acres of BART land now devoted to surface parking to connect our two half-downtowns.  Tell them the community is willing to pay for independent planning professionals (not members of OrindaVision) to create a Downtown Specific Plan that expresses the community vision.

Write to City Council Members and local newspapers

Darlene Gee:

Dean Orr:

Eve Phillips:

Victoria Smith:

Amy Worth:

Orinda News: (letters of <400 words are due by the 8th of the month)

Lamorinda Weekly: (letters of <350 words due the Friday preceding bi-weekly publication)

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