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June 14, 2015 / orindavision

Public Opinion

The comments below were made by visitors to the OrindaVision 4th of July exhibits over the past three years.  A great many of these thoughtful comments have been incorporated into an evolving community vision for downtown.

What would you like to see in downtown Orinda in the future?

•Pleasant places to walk.

•Connect the village and theater sides of downtown.

•Public trails along our three creeks.

•Turn the shopping centers to face San Pablo Creek. Make it (the creek) the pride of Orinda.

•Put a restaurant down by the creek.

•More parking in more attractive lots.

•Upscale senior housing.

•Let’s avoid becoming Rodeo Drive

•Find a way to connect the two Orindas.

•Close Orinda Way from Altarinda to Camino Sobrante. Make it a pedestrian walk way.

•No housing downtown. No high rises.

•No high density housing.

•A more pedestrian friendly environment with emphasis on public spaces.

•Planned growth that addresses infrastructure – fire and law enforcement.

•Connect Orinda Way with Moraga Way with another tunnel under the freeway.

•No low income or senior housing. No high density housing. Update business and shopping areas. Open up the creek. More green space and public green area. More restaurants and shops.


•Not the parking lot / dumpster of BevMo. Public square / open mall like Denver 16th Street mall.

•Don’t move the electric towers. They are what they are.

•Think big. Maybe go under freeway rather than over. Develop all freeway related land. Move people across bridges.

•A more aesthetically pleasing and coordinated downtown with an open area at theater square.

•Buildings that are updated and charming.

•More places for teens to enjoy music – cafes courtyards, a dance / party hall.

•The ability to walk along the creek.

•Pedestrian paths along Camino Sobrante, El Toyonal, Davis, Southwood and Brookwood with access to downtown.

•Tunnel for cars and pedestrians to connect the two Orinda downtowns.

•Change zoning to permit more flexible uses of first floor spaces

•Traffic mitigation.

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